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I have a painting in my room that inspires me every time I feel stuck to keep going. It's a picture of a grenade - probably not what you were imagining.. but that's what I love about art. It means and feels something different to each person that sees it. I hope my art can tell those stories for you. My home studio is in Toowoomba, Queensland but you can find me in Sydney half the time. Someone once described my paintings as an organised mess because the proportions are accurate but the insides are messy. I thought that was quite a nice summary. I paint with oils and still haven't figured out how to not get it on my clothes. I take a very limited number of commissions - email me at

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I'm one of the founders and creative directors behind a bespoke online homeware store - mr.c. Each pattern from the linen range comes from an original artwork of mine, digitised and transformed into a piece of homeware. Our pieces are all custom made in Australia by an incredible team of skilled creatives.​ To shop or view our range of products visit our online store or follow us on instagram.

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