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For the love of fish...

My fish paintings have been so loved that I have finally decided to open them up for commission. 

I only have capacity to take a limited number and I will only be painting fish.

I'm happy to recreate any of the images in the Gallery below, from my instagram or we can work together on something different. Each painting will be uniquely yours as nothing I paint is ever quite the same. There will be an information box to specify details of the artwork when placing an order (colour, reference image, etc.). I will email you once an order is placed so we can discuss the finer details.

You can expect to receive your painting late February (unless requested earlier).


Only 50% of the total amount (the deposit) will be charged when an order is placed. The remaining amount is due when the artwork is complete.


Available in 4 sizes, all artworks come ready to hang and framed in Tasmanian Oak. The sizes below are inclusive of framing. I can accomodate custom sizes - please email me with the changes you would like to make. 

Free local shipping to Toowoomba and Brisbane. For all other locations a quote can easily be provided, just send me an email with your postcode. 


If you would like more information please email me at 


Can't wait to create some special for you!

SMALL - $1600

Square: 60x60cm

Rectangle: 65x55cm

MEDIUM - $2200

Rectangle: 65x95cm

LARGE - $3200

Rectangle: 80x155cm

We don’t have any products to show right now.


IMG_0856 3.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 38.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 57.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 56_edited.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 89.jpg
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