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Original Art      vs    Prints

Navigating different types of art can feel overwhelming, especially when you're looking online. I often get asked what the difference is between original art vs prints, so what does it mean?

Original Art

Original art is art created by the artist in their chosen medium, by hand. Original art is one-of-a-kind and has a higher value than prints. All my original art is created using oil and acrylic on canvas. Most of my original art will come 'ready to hang' which means it's already framed with a wire backing - ready to be hung on your wall!


Prints are made using a high-quality image reproduction of the original artwork (either by scanning or photographing the original artwork) and then printing it onto a new material like paper. All my prints are limited edition, which means there are only a certain number of them made. Once the last print sells, there are no more! Each print is hand-signed by me and numbered on the front - prints will require framing. 




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